The city of Poitiers has a rich history and numerous churches and museums to visit, but most importantly it is

Home to Futuroscope!

Futuroscope Futuroscope is a beautifully laid-out theme park with a difference: more than 130 acres are devoted to using new audio-visual technology to create breathtaking and informative spectacles. Giant screens, 3D cinemas, circular cinemas and other state-of-the-art techniques (some unique to the park) add up to create an experience unlike any you have seen before.

Stories that put you at the heart of supersize action, thrill-filled attractions, interactive visits, open-air activities and the evening show. Futuroscope brings you so many different experiences!

Futuroscope, charente holiday accommodation Mission : Hubble The adventure that inspired the director of the film Gravity. Join the latest rescue mission to keep the Hubble telescope observing deepest space. Float among billions of stars and galaxies out in the infinite expanses of space, and realise the wondrous beauty of the universe. Mission Hubble is shown on a 9.700-ft2 hemispherical screen that is made up of 445 separate plates. The IMAX© projector is located underneath the seating in the centre of the room and is fitted with a fisheye lens that can cover a 180° field of view.

Futuroscope, charente gites THE TIME MACHINE - The Raving Rabbids have hijacked this attraction and are taking you on a journey through time... in their own inimitable way! Slip on your 3D glasses and take a seat on board a train stuffed with special effects for a trip through the great moments in History as you would never have imagined them!

If these visual feasts arn't enough, try some of the other high-tech attractions or marvel at the spectacular architecture of the cinemas themselves. The park is well equipped to deal with family invasions, with all the modern amenities you'd expect in such a futuristic place.

Dances with Robots- Experience your first robot-party! Pair up with a mate in a giant robot arm in the supercharged groove of a massive dance floor and get ready to be sent flying into a whirlwind of dizzying excitement to a banging playlist from DJ Martin Solveig. Children must be 4 ft or over. Choose from three thrill levels or watch the action from the viewing balcony.

Futurescope Arthur the 4D Adventure Turn into a Minimoy and help save Arthur... Shrink and become a Minimoy, but don't wait for ten moons to pass! Climb onto your flying ladybuggy and join Arthur in a hair-raising race around the fairy-tale world of the Minimoys. The unprecedented array of technologies keeps the thrills coming thick and fast.

The attraction received the 2011 THEA award for "Outstanding achievement" from the Themed Entertainment Association.


Directions By Car: A10 motorway, exit 28. The park is two minutes from the exit. Or take the National N10 from Paris (330km) and take the Futuroscope exit beween Poitiers and Châtellerault


Information and images courtesy of Futuroscope